Firstly, thanks for jumping onto here. Purposefully, I hope. 😉

Mainly for those of you who have never seen this before:

I make this blog, with the aim of  writing some stuff up and hopefully getting some people thinking in a more philosophical way. Or more likely: in a more thoughtful and contemplative way. I’m hopefully going to grow a naïve pair, and whack on here, all the things most people wouldn’t want to talk about face to face. Beyond insults and gossip, I mean real feelings and passion. I want to bring to light, what it is, what it really is, that goes through people’s minds sometimes. I might pick out some videos and maybe even do some game reviews from time to time. Hopefully this will go well and “catch on” or something.

So – here’s to what will hopefully be something successful for once…

Wish me luck. The link to all the posts on the site is on the right hand side.

Don’t you ever get that rush of passion that makes you appreciate being alive? It makes you feel truly alive. It matters not how this comes about, and as stupid and as obvious as it sounds – I live for it – I live to feel alive. It couldn’t be simpler.


The scattered, untethered and incoherent mental jigsaw pieces, forged by a self-proclaimed neurotic moron. Tessellate me.

I Dare You.